Our Horses

HV Horse Sprite (2)


Born: 2000

Height: 12.3hh

Colour: Grey

Sex: Gelding

Sprite arrived at Hutt Valley RDA in 2014; he is one of the most recent arrivals at the group.

Sprite’s size, hard working attitude and sweet nature give him the versatility to work with our younger riders in both Therapeutic and Recreational Programmes.

Sprite maybe a little pony but has a big character which has endeared him to many volunteers as well as his riders.


HV Horse Poppy

Born:       1990

Height:     14.1hh

Colour:     Chestnut

Sex:          Mare

Poppy arrived at Hutt Valley RDA in 2012 and since then has been a reliable and consistent member of the group. She has a sweet, calm and tolerant nature and works with many riders, who all love her.

Poppy has a great movement that is ideal for therapeutic riding.


HV Horse Milo


Born:       1995

Height:     14.2hh

Colour:     Bay

Sex:          Mare

Milo is a Clydie cross. She arrived at Hutt Valley RDA in 2013 and is one of the newest members of the team along with Bella.

Milo’s height and willingness means she is working with a wide variety of our riders. Being so patient meant she is helping many of our riders to learn to ride independently. Milo also enjoys the many activities within the RDA programme.

Milo’s pretty face and sweet mature has made her very popular with all our Riders and Volunteers!

HV Horse Mac MAC

Born:       1999

Height:     15.3hh

Colour:      Leopard Spot

Sex:           Gelding

Mac arrived at Hutt Valley RDA in 2014; he is one of the most recent arrivals at the group. Mac is an Appoloosa, a very distinctive breed of horse which gives Mac his unusual colour.

Before coming to the Hutt Valley Group Mac was a successful competition horse competing in both English and Western Disciplines. Mac is now working with many of our young adult riders; his movement and excellent training make him a lovely horse to work with.

HV Horse Bella (2)


Born:       1998

Height:      13.1hh

Colour:      Bay

Sex:           Mare

Bella has a very kind, willing and gentle nature with both riders and volunteers; she has a laid back attitude to all the different activities and riding styles within the Hutt Valley programme.

Bella is of a good size and build that will enable her to work with a wide range of riders and sidewalkers; she also has a very rhythmic movement and the versatility required for Therapeutic and Recreational Riding.



Born:            2000

Height:         15.2hh

Colour:        Grey

Sex:             Gelding

Spider arrived at Hutt Valley RDA in October 2014, following an illustrious competitive career, including winning the South Island Three Day Event 2013 and South Island National Riding Horse of The Year 2012.

Spider is so called due to his competitive name, Tobey Maguire.

Despite his competitive calibre, Spider is an extremely patient horse and is an absolute gentleman in our RDA program.

Spider and his paddock mate, Rossy, are great friends.


dude Dude

Born:      2005

Height:   15hh

Colour:   Bay

Sex:       Gelding


Dude comes to us from a quiet life as a young boy’s first pony.  He is a sweet boy with a kind eye, and loves his new job here at Hutt Valley RDA.

Our riders will love Dude’s smooth gaits – he has a long flowing trot, and a rocking horse canter.  He also LOVES to jump.

Dude is a handsome boy, and he knows it!  he loves any attention that you give him and loves lots and lots of pats.